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Stories of Wyoming’s enduring frontier 

Although my new book collects my essays on Montana history, I live close to the Wyoming state line, and have long been fascinated by frontier issues just to the south of me. (Some of them took up another entire book.) So I also want to note the official launch of an incredible online resource, to which I was happily able to contribute a couple of items.

WyoHistory.org is an online mega-encyclopedia covering the history of the Cowboy State. It includes encyclopedia entries on major people, places and events -- all vetted by professionals --- and it also includes essays, oral histories, and field trip ideas. It’s all attractively formatted, easily searchable, and continuing to grow. Great kudos should go to editor Tom Rea.

My two contributions are listed at http://www.wyohistory.org/authors/john-clayton but really one can spend hours at any portion of the site.

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