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Backwards reels the title 

So what exactly is the title of the new book? I’ve been referring to “Images of America: Red Lodge” as if Red Lodge is the subtitle. But if you’re asking for it in a bookstore you may need to reverse those.

Internally, Arcadia refers to it as “Red Lodge.” Makes sense: they’ve got dozens of Images of America titles yet only one about each place.

But in the book’s primary geographic market, the title is more problematic. It could refer to the city itself, a dozen business establishments, or a half-dozen other books with a similar subject. Adding the “Images” subtitle, as in “Red Lodge: Images of America” can help, but that sounds pretentious to me, as if it’s equating Red Lodge to America, which is not the book’s intent.

To get technical, I believe the Images of America is the “series title,” and so the best way to ask your local bookstore to order you a copy of the book is to call it “Red Lodge, in the Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing.” Or you can just follow a link.

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