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The walkable small town 

I was pleased to discover that my house ranks an 89 on this walkability index. That's one point shy of a "walker's paradise" -- but surely I could gain that additional point if the algorithm would recognize that the nearest park to my house is not the state park 10 miles away. (There's a few tiny city parks within a quarter-mile, and much Forest Service land within 2-3 miles.)

A Walker's Paradise, the website says, is where "Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car." I'm sure the website organizers imagined that most such paradises would be urban locations (and right downtown at that) -- not a Montana town of 2,200 people.

But it's exactly what I realized -- and what I was looking for -- when I moved here lo those many years ago. Though I own a car, I usually prefer to walk or bike. (In fact some weeks the only time I get in the car is to drive to a parklike place... Hmmm...) And the classic American small town is as pedestrian-friendly as the classic American big city.

It may not remain that way for long, and it may not be that important to everybody, but it's a happy reminder of why I'm here.

Thanks to Lance Mannion for the link.

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