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A big stretch of the book tour is over, and one of the interesting aspects for me was how I felt so close to so many people I never saw.

Take Colin Simpson, for example. The Wyoming senate candidate had some very funny things to say about Wyoming travel. I don't agree with all of Simpson's positions -- though I've met him and like him very much as an individual -- but his cell-service comments struck magnificently close to home.

Also chasing me around Wyoming was mystery novelist C.J. Box. "Free Fire" was so boldly featured in every bookstore I was in that I finally had to sneak at least a chapter, amongst my own activities, and I was suitably impressed.

I think I was in Bozeman when I read this fun interview with Neil McMahon when he was in Seattle. And finally, there's Jeff Hull. He missed my talk in Missoula last week, but I'm hoping to catch him in Red Lodge this Friday, June 22, at 5 pm.

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