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A couple of phrases stand out from my current reading:

Sonya Salamon, Newcomers to Old Towns, writing about how people in small towns know so much about each other:
Although such knowledge can be used coercively as a social control mechanism, unconditional acceptance of one’s idiosyncrasies can free one from acting on pretense.

Christopher McGrory Klyza, Who Controls Public Lands?, on the question that drove his research:
Why is it that in the nation most committed ideologically and emprircally to free-market capitalism, the federal government owns nearly one-third of the land?

(Actually, pre-unification Hong Kong may have been even more committed than the U.S. to free markets -- and there the government owns even more of the land.)

Barbara Tuchman, Practicing History, on discarding the unnecessary:
The historian is continually being beguiled down fascinating byways and sidetracks. But the art of writing -- the test of the artist -- is to resist the beguilement and cleave to the subject.

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