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Dog Columnist 

This month marks the second anniversary of my achieving a big career ambition. In December of 2003 I was given the job title Dog Columnist.

Really. It says so on my business card. "John Clayton - Dog Columnist."

True, I write for a very small publication. True, they've spent more on my business card than my salary. True, "they" is my wife.

But still. I'm a Dog Columnist. Not only do I get to write stories about dogs, but I get to tell people it's my job. Must be. Says so on my business card. (Plus, my various other jobs are much harder to describe.)

Sometimes all I have to do is rewrite a story in the news. Other times traditional newspapers are months behind my reportage.

Reading recently that offbeat job titles are on the wane, I started worrying. Should I stop being a Dog Columnist? (If so, would there be another one anywhere in the world?)

Then I realized that it's just offbeat job _titles_ that are on the wane. Human Resources Managers thought it'd be cute to be called something else. Then they realized that if they were stuck managing HR, maybe recognition and money were better compensations than cuteness.

The story doesn't have anything to say about offbeat jobs, themselves. I doubt they're on the wane. After all, once you luxuriate in the perks of being a Dog Columnist, it's not something you want to give up.

I'm always interested in feedback (dog columnists, tell me you exist!), via info at johnclaytonbooks...com

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