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The glue in some small towns... 

My latest Writers on the Range piece -- running here in Telluride -- is a series of linked anecdotes (as I've mentioned before, one of my favorite essay styles). These concern our local UPS deliveryman.

This time I had the rare fortune of having a reader call up and compliment me on the article. She was an older woman with an anecdote of her own: if Tony delivered a particularly big package to her home, one that she might not be able to lift, she'd ask him to come in and help her open it. He always obliged.

By the way, I mention a "local paper" that ran a profile of Tony when he left. Though that story is not online -- indeed for most of the wonderful articles you have to subscribe to the print version -- you can visit the publication's new website at www.localrag.com.

I'm always interested in feedback, via info at johnclaytonbooks...

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