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The Cowboy Girl finds a publisher 

I am pleased to announce that I have signed a contract with the University of Nebraska Press to publish my book The Cowboy Girl: Caroline Lockhart Pursues the Enduring Western Myth. The book is currently scheduled for publication in fall, 2006.

Caroline Lockhart (1871-1962) was a bestselling cowboy novelist in the 1910s -- a fact that confounds many of our preconceptions of women, cowboy novels, and the West. She was also a pioneering journalist and later a newspaper publisher. She never married but had dozens of boyfriends, and was indeed an extraordinarily entertaining (if occasionally frustrating) character.

I've been working on research for the book for over two years now, and have been writing for several months. It has been a wonderfully fulfilling experience. But publication is an important capstone to such experiences.

I am particularly honored to be working with the University of Nebraska Press. Through its Bison Books imprint, it has become, in my opinion, the world's finest publisher of books on the American West. If you've ever read about the West, you’ve read a Nebraska book. The publisher has outstanding marketing and distribution, and an unparalleled reputation for scholarship. They are also willing to reader-friendly (as opposed to heavily academic) books, including the genre known as "narrative nonfiction," which is my passion.

OK, back to work! I gotta finish a draft by May!

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