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Automate this 

The Casper Star-Tribune picked up my latest essay on Saturday, Automate This! It's funny: I never know who's going to print an essay like this -- it's distributed by a syndicate called Writers on the Range -- and I never know how they're going to edit it. I often hesitate to reread a published story, because often my reaction is: "Boy the rhythm’s bad on that one sentence, didn't I do better in the original?" Then sometimes I decide to prove how dumb the editors are by going back to the original. . . and at least half the time it turns out the fault was mine.

The disconnect between published version and what I thought I wrote is worse in this case because the essay is over a year old. Since it’s an "evergreen" (not tied to a specific event), I let the syndicate use it as a backup, whenever they had room.

Yeah, a bit has changed since then. The automated grocery check-out gets a little more use. But not from me.

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