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"We make a better living at this than we did farming" 

Stories of formerly-rural areas whose development crowds out long-time businesses and traditions are plentiful throughout the West. For some reason this summer Arizona is publishing a lot of them.

Here's a story about what to do when you can’t make money farming. I’m not sure how mini-golf, a roller coaster, and "a Honey Bee Adventure ride that resembles Disneyland's Dumbo rides" qualify as recreation "with a farm theme." But hey, these folks have found a way to make a living while apparently preserving some small bit of open space, and I can’t fault that.

I do have to note the irony, however, that they could become the new home for the staged reenactments of fantasy Hollywood gunfights of "Rawhide Western Town" (see yesterday’s post). Can we assume that abandoning your agricultural folkways in order to entertain rich, clueless tourists counts as acting like you’re in the West?

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