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Blogger vs. journalist 

Over at BillingsBlog, David Crisp has some thought-provoking comments on the clash between bloggers and journalists, which has been heightened by political conventions giving press credentials to bloggers. Could they someday replace reporters? At least they state their biases.

But I’m not so worried about journalist bias as I am about journalist laziness. Too many journalists just report what the candidate said, rather than independently studying it. Too many think “investigative reporting” means “reporting on investigations.”

Not only are bloggers not complaining enough about this, but they can do little about it. As David points out, bloggers themselves rarely get out and burn shoe leather.

At least the culture of newspapers still rewards hard work. Other reporters (if not readers or publishers) value the scoop. That’s why I think blogs will eventually become more like newspapers, rather than vice-versa. The best blogs or blog-like daily posts -- such as Headwaters News, Publishers Lunch, and Terry Teachout -- are actually online newspapers for a small target market.

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