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Bravo donotcall.gov! 

I'm at a client site this week, and as I check phone messages at home I'm reminded of what that was like a year ago: wading through lots of lame telemarketers' messages left on my answering machine. Now, thanks to my registering at www.donotcall.gov, the only people who call me are people who want to talk to me.

Everyone loves to bash the government. But let's give credit when something works. Telemarketers annoyed everybody and slowed down the general flow of business. So the federal government passed a law and it actually works. (Telemarketers tried to claim that the law was anti-business because they were businesspeople. But you know what? So were their victims. Beware of folks who proclaim "This law will hurt business" -- usually they mean "This law will hurt *my* business." Which could well be because your business is detrimental to society.)

Yup, if government didn't exist, we'd have to invent something just like it.

On a related note, sadly we have not yet been able to similarly rein in junkmailers. And it seems the flow of my junkmail increases with the number of times my email address appears at the bottom of these posts. So I'm moving the entire commenting feature of this blog to my Yahoo group, much as Andy Borowitz has done. Feel free to join the group and post your comments on these messages at that site. My email address can still be found elsewhere on this site, but will no longer be included at the end of every post.

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