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This post is quite specifically about "Writing" and "the West" 

A few brief reports that have caught my eye recently:

The University of Montana is starting its own press. Given all the writers in Montana, it does seem ironic that the state has no university press. Though given the state of university-press publishing, it seems even more ironic that anyone would enter the field. And actually, it's not clear from the article: maybe they're just renaming their print shop "the university press."

Claire Davis has signed on to publish two more books in the next two years. As a thriller, Davis' WINTER RANGE was only so-so, but as an exploration into the character of eastern Montana, it did wonderful things I never expected a novel could do. SEASON OF THE SNAKE (St. Martin's 2005) will be set in a small Idaho town and centered on a woman whose second husband has a shadowy past and a dangerous
compulsion. LABORS OF THE HEART (2006) will be a collection of short stories.

Another forthcoming book: WHY BUSINESS PEOPLE SPEAK LIKE IDIOTS AND HOW YOU CAN PROFIT FROM IT by Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway, and Jon Warshawsky. I write for businesses, and I've toyed with writing a business-writing guide, but I must admit I never thought of so directly tying it to climbing the corporate ladder.

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