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Shopping for justice 

The cover story in this week's High Country News details the ways that environmentalists and their opponents shop for favorable venues for their lawsuits. To illustrate the way it works, HCN had me cover a December coalbed methane hearing in Billings. My description of the scene leads off the article.

One of the article's predictions already came true while the edition was at the printers: different federal judges have now given Yellowstone National Park officials different commands on how to regulate snowmobiles. The only way to clear up the differences is to go to a higher court, so a great deal more litigation is expected -- on both snowmobiling and coalbed methane.

On a different note, it seems irrelevant to the point I was making, but Karl Wenclas writes about Sunday's post: "We at the underground Literary Alliance are just letting people know that we did not post any anonymous reviews [about Tom Bissell's "Chasing the Sea"] on Amazon. (The Times reporter would've nailed us if we had.) We've always been completely upfront in our protests and such, and always sign our own names."

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